Hotel „Užvenčio malūnas"


Hotel „Užvenčio malūnas"

Užventis watermill is one of the remaining buildings in Užventis manor. According to the documents of register this mill was built in 1870. Today after its many-sided past legacy the mill is revived for a new life where its honourable past and comfortable present perfectly matches in cohesion. Its old turbine which was implemented by the last owner of Užventis manor, a signatory of the Act of Independence of Lithuania Jonas Smilgevičius is now renovated and produces electric power again. Halls inside of the mill are also reconstructed and waiting for the guests of different banquets and evenings. Guesthouse with 14 double rooms and SPA centre with sauna, swimming pool, gym are incorporated inside of the mill for the full convenience of the guests staying in Užventis.

In addition, this watermill is placed on the beautiful bank of river Venta and surrounded by park and its alleys. Romantic spirit is constantly felt when looking at the old willow branches reminding famous Lithuania's writer - Šatrijos Ragana - who lived and wrote here. Life in Užventis manor was a huge inspiration for her most valuable works. And it continues to be for other Lithuania's and foreign art professionals and amateurs who often visit and work in Užventis. A variety of symposiums and concerts are organized here in watermill. Walking paths that have been created since 2003 are constantly decorated with new sculptures created by famous artists. Beautiful nature, suddenly appearing different outlooks of the mill and amazing sunsets fascinate everyone who takes their time walking by the surroundings of Užventis manor.



Užventis, Kelmė district municipality
Telephone's +370  682 14 007 (Alvydas), +370 682 14 008 (Milda)